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Prior to her exploitation, she had deduced she needed hard currency and friends.
That to be immersed within this human race, such things paid worthy dividends
yet time was not on her side, she would be carbon dust by dawn’s first light
her incineration, the chosen method, ridding the cosmos of the blight
the wise men perceived as actual, for she defied all natures laws,
overlooking entirely that she was Aristotle’s final cause.

Given a choice in the matter she would never have opted to be one of a kind. Sadly, she was never afforded a say. In hindsight, and given her current situation, her designer had come to a similar conclusion that he should have kept her very existence a confidential thing until the time was right.

It was at The Linnean Society of London, arguably once the epicentre of natural history and taxonomy he first let his, upon…

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