Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.


beauty abounds
inside and all around

nature is a main creator
a total break from data

nature in all her moods
good company, fine foods

time to reflect
sincere respect

a loyal friend
space to mend

an intriguing book
our favourite nook

a long stroll
with a kind soul

every waterway
a relaxing day

fulfilling our dreams
sunshine moonbeams

a meal cooked with love
the gentle coo of a dove

all those close
even the morose

a kind smile
a gentle word

a helping hand
a firm stand

an inner glow
that first fall of snow

joys toys and noise
a refreshing breeze

birds on the wing
flowers erupting in spring

even lockdown allows time
to question think and rhyme

kindness care joy calm
all ooze love and beauty

there is beauty in everything
finding that makes our heart sing

Friday Fun – beauty, with a nod to Pragalbha’s link

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