The Girl who hailed a WAR:

Amazing photos and words shared.


I warned you not to test my
I warned you not to test me thee.
I told this world in a quiet declaration,
I am just an ordinary woman,
With strength, you won’t believe.

I was calm as a sea,
Until you forged the storm.
Now, I can’t assure your return from this voyage, taking a ferocious form.

Can’t Break a Strong Women

I told you,
I won’t give up until I reach my
I won’t stop until I attain my salvation.

You knew the kind of woman I was,
I wasn’t one of the pieces on the board,
I was the one, controlling and rolling
the movement of those pieces from a strong rope.

A strong women never gives up.

I was not prying for an insignificant battle,
I was the one, who hailed a war,
I was the one, who raised the army.

I was after…

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