What hold value? What is important?

What hold value? What is important?

I told the busy man. A controlled and organized life. It will leave you wanting for things lost and cannot be found. Must stop, slow down, drink some coffee and spend time with your children and know laughter and joy .

   Grandfather laugher. I’m old now. I understand the words of a kind Grandpa. Test life, travel and have some fun. Life is very short. Today I have embraced his words with great understanding. Children are part of us for a short time. Be the bridge of hope and a safe place for your children to know and come home to. Love never fade. Just grow and we become  listeners, not teachers. Grandpa told me. Laugh often and help the people you can. Love of family is the foundation of a good life.

                                   Grandparent house….

My house is quiet now. Years of noise and running kids seem so far away. I learn to be like my Grandparent. A wide open door and I need to hear the laughter of children and the house shaking. I learn how to define a home. A place where the children can grow-up and come home when needed. Knowing the door is always open for them and mother/father would support them in good or bad time. Ensure your children, your family, your friends know. They are not alone in the world.

                             Coyote/John Castellenas