A little death…

A  little  death….

Silky skin, wine and song took us here.
You are as pretty as the rising sun my love.
Honey, dear and sweet heart I have called you.

You were like sweet Fall honey. Your kind and gentle voice caressed me  like a  gentle and needed Summer breeze. Your hands  opened new storms of love and need that were just illusions.
I whispered I loved you in the darkness of locked motel rooms.
You told me.  I will break your heart. I’m wild and not tamed. Love will break our backs  and leave us with tears.

I knew the ending at the beginning.
We  were just a shadow dance where two bodies rage and crash for the need of the body.
You called our Motel rendezvous just interlacing of two people wanting a little death only.
People who bled out, don’t need love.

I told you. You are my darkness, my  daybreak.  I wished I found you before we turn to brick and steel.
We could of loved like Romeo and Juliet. Love so hard and raised a fire of love so strong for the Angels to see..

You laughed and held me tighter. You whispered. Dear Johnnie, the dead are dead. Can’t arise again.

                         John Castellenas/Coyote