A Neil Diamond song an some words.

You don’t bring me flowers anymore…..

Please kiss me once, please kiss me twice.

Make me believe love is still alive and so sweet.

Once we were Winter lovers, Spring wishy washy dreamers reaching for the stars.

We danced for the Summer moon and we loved to watch the sun rise.

We loved the days of Fall, the Halloween days and the cooler nights.

I use to think about you when I was away from you and I use to run home to you.

Somehow we forget.

Now I know, love is a flower garden.

Needing gentle caress and  the watering of love words, love touch.

Reminders that love wasn’t forgotten.

Ensuring your love knows, she is your only sweet dream.

I wrote in a card with the dozen red roses.

I love you still the end of time.

You are my morning delight and my midnight sweetness.

Please don’t forget me. I have not forgot you.

My dearest love smiled when I returned home with the roses and

she ran to me and she held me so tightly. She whispered.

Please come to bed with me nightly, forget the wild and madness of the world.

Please make me believe, I am the one you need. I want midnight dances and

long vacation where we can wild, nude and free.

I need you to remind me. Love is sweet, love is wonderful.

I am not alone.

I danced with her to silence music and I told her. 

You are my miracle and I promise never to forget you.

Your love saved me and I pray. I can make you happy.

You are my world and if you left me.

I would be alone.

Dancing Coyote