The parting glass…….

The parting glass….

Last year, the greatest man I ever know. My father Jack.

Died on 29 January 2020.96 year, he was.Was a WW2 veteran, fought in the battles of Germany.

He was a police officer,

he was a champion bowling.

He was a preacher in the church.

He taught forgiveness, love and kindness.

He was a mentor to me.

We would sit and talk,

we would watch the baseball games.

He would take out his guitar and sing his songs.

I saved him once and he saved me often.

His home had a wide open door for me and the family.

He would tell me,

Johnnie, you did good.

You raised strong and wise children.

I did thank him, I believe, not enough.

He was a safe place for me and now I try to be like him.

I speak no negative words to my children,

my door is always wide open for them.

A room, always empty when they feel confused and alone.

Need a safe place to rest.

I miss you my father,

I miss your voice.

I am trying to be like you.

I know one day when I am done.

You and I will sit together,

discuss everything and I will hear your laugher again.

You had no funeral. The coronavirus days.

I said goodbye to you at Lake St. Clair.

I burn some sage and I sang the parting glass song for you.
Thank you my father.

Dancing Coyote