Amazing poetry shared.

Leila Samarrai

It would be romantic… to imagine…

I was an unusual personality

In which two opposing cultures, religions,

Traditions were united,

In the collision of the East and the West

Unknowingly, through the veins, the verses overlap,

And the eastern stories are running.

It would be exotic to say, like Leo Africans

“I am a son of the road, and my land is my caravan.”

As such, I define the antithesis of the tribe

I do not belong to any city, nor any path,

nor any end or beginning

Nor I come both from Europe or Arabia

Nor I belong to anyone.

I’m a stranger among people,

I’m a stranger who is hiding in the shadows of the night

I tumble between the walls, whose fear cannot be rid of,

For I have come to the utmost memory,

Until the end of mystery, in a life that is a crowd


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