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Everything to Nothing

The ticking clock was my enemy as a child
I knew that as the gears turned and the seconds elapsed
As my breath was taken in exhilarated laughter
Inhaling the limited moments I would have with you
Me, contented
You, reluctant
I would have to leave
Trudging towards the front door with a heavy sigh
Drinking in the sights and sounds and imagining
What your life without me must look like
Court ordered quality time two days a week

I always wondered, and still do, what you think
How you feel
Do you feel?
I’ve always been afraid to ask
Our conversations take the form of the news at 5 o’ clock
Updates of who, what, when, where, and why
No teleprompter, but I could tell you had been prompted
By some unseen, awkward (or was it guilty) force
Like you need to speak
But only during the…

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