Memory (poetry from lyrics project)

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.


The ground was cotton candy
soft this winter
Flowers will thrive
in the long absence of stone
fed by our tears
So, so alive
A splash of fresh paint
on our peeling walls.

I would complain in the car
and on the ferry
It’s storming here, now, too.
For twenty years
You’d soothe the thunder
raging in me
Atlas holding the sky up
Quieting my fears
with stories and make believe
The worlds we built with words
and impossible dreams
bring me back to you.

Now suitcases and drawers
loosen their top buttons
Photographs make empty meals
when spread over the floor
Memories, faces
A laugh frozen in time
A heart running in places
beyond where we can follow
This year the ground is soft
and all we left behind
leave us as the fields this spring:

I loved you
the ways oceans love the beach
with a mixture…

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