My Michigan dream…

My Michigan dream…

“Hush my sweet baby, don’t you cry. I am here, I shall never leave you, when the chills of the night come, I shall keep you warm and safe. You are my love, my reasons to dance upon the earth.”

 She knew the language of the lakes, she knew the language of the grassy fields and she knew the language of the flesh. She awoke my wintry heart with her emerald eyes and how she frolicked with the Lake Huron waves. She was a carefree wonder and a miracle, making my slumberous heart learn to sing again.
Lovely-may, lovely may-not, lovely be kind.

My lady of the lake made my lovelorn woes become distance and faraway.
I gave her wildflowers for her hair and I told her. She was my earnest wish and she made me want a glorious life, a everlasting wish of happiness in her arms. She smiled and she whispered, flattery shall get you everywhere dear poet. I love the word-man, make my heart believe in love and I want to dance with joy with the Lake Huron. Dear poet, you make the maiden blush and she will never tell.

She laid by the lake and I traced her skin with wanting hands and I adored her face and I told her.
I love your lily white skin, the brightness of your eyes. I love your voice, the elegant tone steal my heart and my mind. I pray, you sings songs of love to me till the end of days. I want your morning smile, I want your evening laughter. I love the luscious smell of your skin and your womanly curves of your body. You are my noble and beautiful nymph.

She stood up and she whispered, my silver tongue poet, come and dance with me, be my love. We shall make no promises, we shall tell no lies. We shall share the mystic view of Lake Huron and allow, the magic hours to mold our hope and wishes. I brought her closer and I whispered. You are my Michigan dream. 

                 Dancing Coyote