One more time…

One more time…

Should I stay or should I go?
Should we create a fire, we cannot put out.
I whispered sweet baby, just one more time. Just one more kiss and just one more slow dance my love.

You are sweeter than candy and more tempting than the wild sea.
When you are near.
I want to fall down to my knees and taste your skin and us to strip down to bare skin and real face. Peel away fear and disappointment. I want to know what you truly need and want.

I want you raw, nasty and free. Please show me your flaws and imperfections. I want us to go down, baby down. Down where lovers learn wonderful and sweet kiss and travel to the utopia of two people becoming one for a moment.

Please pretty lady. Just one more time. Just one more time to find the shelter of heated nights and perfect touch.  You are my honey whiskey. Hard and sweet to my taste. I yearn to hear your voice whispering. Love me more, love me longer. Show me places of no return. Make me feel alive.

Pretty lady wrapped arms and legs around me. She whispered. “Just one more time my lover. Just one more slow dance my love. Just one more night to feast on wanting skin  and the kiss. Please kiss me often and please awake my body and mind. You are my beloved and  I love you because. You want everything and nothing. Dear lover. Just one more time can make us fall into deep need and forever. Can you embrace forever my love?”

I brought her up and I brought her nude body to my body. We begin to dance to the jazz songs playing softly and I whispered. If one more time is forever. I want you forever.

                            John Castellenas/Coyote