Soon, it will be Warm Enough to Open Windows

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Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

bless the men with the wounds so heavy

they bleed from the spears in their sides,

driven in their ribs by their own hands,

carved from the voices, the ghosts, the darkness.

bless the women just the same.

bless mother nature as she shakes her snow globe –

furiously kissing everything she touches

with her shimmering flakes.

bless the hearts that ache for the sun

and age with each new fallen

blanket of white.

bless the sadness that falls like rain

down hills of fleshy cheeks,

and bless the hours upon hours

of uninterrupted television watching.

bless the foolish dances to the Fabulous Four

socks sliding across linoleum, kitchen floors.

bless the appreciation of the moment

of being.

bless the friends who show up

who create traditions, a way of saying –

“I’ll always show up.”

“I’ll always be here.”

“Come to me just as you are.”

and bless me…

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