Yvonne Elliman and some Michigan poetry.

Once a pretty Iron Mountain girl,

we tasted love kiss,

did slow dances for the moon and we reached for the midnight stars.

She was a lovely wish, never forgotten.


I told her,we need someone to excite our mind,

we need someone to make our heart dance.

I told her, you do this to me my lovely girl.

Hello dear stranger,

been so long,

so damn long.

I shall never release you again my sweetest wish.


We were rainbow chasers, 

we were cloud dancers and waterfall seekers.

We slow-danced for the sea and we didn’t know.

Youth and hope, gets lost in the windmills of time.


A Michigan sky above us,

Lake Superior dancing for us.

I held you like my last wish and you whispered.

Thank you for loving me.