Pieces of April and a Dave Loggins song.

Pieces of April….

My dreamland beauty, she comes to my mind in early April. The cold of Winter almost gone  and I remember our Spring time kisses, our Spring time dances with Lake Michigan. I loved when she was careless and wild. She made me brave and foolish.

I called her my wildflower and she called me. Her soldier boy who loved war more than her.
We would buy some beer and go to the Iron Mountain Mountain dump, we would watch the bears at midnight and we would go to the Wisconsin river. She would run into the cold river in bra and panties. She would laugh at the moon and the stars. She made me smile and so happy.

I told her, she was my April dream, my May blessing. My Springtime wish and I will love you forever. Now kind April is here, the warm sun is touching my face. I go to the Wisconsin river and I take off my shoes and socks. I walk into the coldness of the River, the cold water make me remember.

Beautiful Cathy, her colorful spirit making my world, shade of blue, shade of white and the shade of red. She taught me to laugh and to seek the beautiful things in my world. Her soft voice and her kind heart. Made me believe I wasn’t alone.

Today is the first day of April and I remember her.
I told the running Wisconsin river, please tell the most beautiful girl in the world, the kindest gal. It is April and I miss you so. My war is over and you saved me often. In the mist of war. I remember the month of April and I remembered a barefoot beauty dancing with me near Lake Michigan.

A lasting place in my heart and I remember you.