Purify your mind

Amazing words and artwork shared.


Our goal should be to have a pure mind. We should visualize ourselves being calm and contented, we should visualize that everybody is good and this universe is so benevolent,

But this is not enough to purify our mind. To purify your mind and the subconscious, we are required to make them divine power. but how to achieve that is the primary question.

There are so many technique to control our mind and most powerful is Meditation. “the dhyan”.

There is a story regarding true dhyan.

There was a miser trader, in fear of depreciation in business he used to worship God daily.

One day he came to a Swamiji and during his lecture, he came to know that he could perform all the worship rituals in his mind without any worship material (Agarbatti, chandan, fruit for prasad etc).

He liked the idea and thought he will not have to…

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