Daybreak confession to the sea…

Daybreak confession to the Sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"In a life we must add up what we have done. Re-set our journey and begin again." 

Daybreak confession to the Sea…

I have reached the bottom of the bottle.
Now distraught and delirious dreams led me to wishing.

I was swimming in your warm sweet kisses,
desiring steamy long nights of passion  in your embrace.

I have joined the bona fide brethren of men who cradle love in their hands
and misused the sweet woman.

Now I sit in a abyss of shit sipping bourbon and
I am walking on a tightrope.

I wish for those nights when you came to me in your sexy red negligee.
Your brown eyes taking the weight of the world away.

I tried to forget your beautiful face.

I pick-up another shot of whiskey and
I raise the glass up and I whispered to a divine and beautiful woman.
Who flee my worthless life.

Daybreak will be merciful.

I sit alone by the sea and
I will calculate how kind and noble you were.

I pray to the Goddess of the Sea.

Sent a Angel to me with beautiful brown eyes.
To bring joy and laughter back into a sad life. 

I’m sorry.

                       Jan 2009