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Visionary Poems

Lilac mountains 
Veiled in mists 
That emanated from a yonder reality 
Abounding with the mysteries of the ages 
That pervade existence entire 
Reached high into the celestial realms 
In search of the eternal continuous present 
To’ard the unseeable other 
Whose voice is heard 
In the whisper of the wind 
Or the rumble from the very pit of a volcano 
Whose countenance
Is evoked by the dazzling rays 
Of the noonday sun
Or the benign gaze of the moon
Whose placid regard inscrutable 
A myriad blandishments 
Does in the hours of darkness 
Upon those a’slumber cast
Far below the lofty mountaintops
Veiled in the mysteries enigmatic
That dwell in realities ethereal 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Leah Berman (leahberman) on Unsplash 

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