Show me the way to love…

Show me the way to love…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A poem written in 1979. Being young and hopeful is when we have no fear of disappointment."   


                    Show me the way to love…

I found her sitting alone on a Friday night. Sipping a rum and coke. I requested to sit with her and she gave a half smile and told me. “Seat is empty. I ain’t much company tonight.”

I sat with a sad blue eye beauty. Sitting alone at the Germany guesthaus. Her long blond hair flowing down her back.
Leaning into a rum and coke like it was her last chance. I bought her another drink and I asked for her tale. She smiled and she whispered.” Same old tale. Fell in love and the love was good. Then somehow the love evaporated into the wind and nothing was left.”

We went to the quiet lake near the guesthaus and sat together on the ground. I told her. “Look at the moon. It is a liar moon. Almost full and complete. Make people wish for things they can’t have.”

Her blue eyes seem to looked through me. She asked. ” Do we need love. Are words of love just gratitude for the gift
of sex?’

I took her hands and I raised her off the ground. We walked in silence and I told her. “Love can be a fool’s game. Wasted words and wasted emotion leave the heart to mourn for the desire of the body.”

She asked did I work in the morning? I told her I was free  till Monday. She asked me to go home with her. I told her. “If you like. You are so beautiful and sad. I don’t want to add to your burden.”

She smiled. and she told me. “Sometime we need a friend. Someone to hold. You make me laugh and I need to laugh tonight and tomorrow.”

In the quiet of her bedroom. I caressed her face and hair. She asked did I need more? I whispered. “We have time. You are tire and you need rest.” She fell asleep in my arms. I was thankful for her warm body near. I knew her pain and
didn’t desire to use and run.

I awoke to the smell of coffee and I went to her small kitchen. She was smiling, singing and content. She thanks me for not taking advantage. I went to her and I put my arms around her. I kissed her forehead and she started to cry.

I whispered to her. “Give me your loneliness. Please allow me to bring laughter back into your life. Let me replace the sadness with some good days. Life can be hard. If we move slow and easy. Love may come?

She looked outside to the summer sun and she told me. “I feel your fear and sadness. We are both lonely and sad. I need your gentle caress and hope. Let’s put the bad memories aside and try to create some good days.”

We sealed a dreamer’s promise with a gentle kiss. I told her. “Love is hard to maintain. We need to drink some good red wine and learn each other dreams. We need to dance and laugh. Let’s have great conversations then allow the love to come at the proper pace. Passion last for a short time, love need to last forever.”

We left her apartment. Our hands together and fear and disappointment was escaping into the wind. Hope and love was trying to rebirth and I was thankful.

                        summer 1979