Earth is furious too.

Powerful and worthwhile words shared.


4.5 billion years ago, planet Earth, or what we choose to call her now, was born. So much speculation surrounds her birth depending on what school-of-thought you subscribe to, all of which changes little or nothing about now and how everything eventually turned out.

Then, pristine Earth with all her beauty and innocence was entrusted to a plethora of bacteria and other micro-organisms which painstakingly raised and breastfed her out of infancy. Little Earth grew from that offspring of delicacy into a well-nurtured healthy baby.

From bacteria, developed fungi and then green plants that tapped into solar energy from the sun. And oh boy didn’t these sprout! They bloomed and blossomed. The most beautiful flowers peppered the surface of Earth giving her a unique scent. A scent that had bees flying in bliss, insects dangling down the white petals of colorful daisies. A scent that sent “Juliet ape” humming in…

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