February 8th, 2021. COLLECTED

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Artistic Differences Project

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"Collection" by Harrie Costello-for you

 A post card sent from far away, A letter given just to say, Crystal figures in grand display cases, Paintings hung of unseen places, Books that contain favourite paragraphs, A loved ones ancient telegraphs, Handmade dolls sit by side on a shelf, And car boot sale china to add to the kitchen delf, Photographs and figurines, Vinyl records to DVD’s Furniture pieces like ugly lamps, And nothing says “Holiday!” like souvenir stamps, Baby’s first shoes for the next ones feet, The first cut lock of hair and a box of small teeth, A box of cassette tapes of the years as we grow old, As to never forget any stories to be told, Notes that say sorry with writing that’s not so neat, Birthday cards from family, to whom you no longer speak, Primary school projects…

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