My midnight dancer….

My midnight dancer…..

A pretty Gypsy girl, I watched her circle-dance with the sea. Spring Equinox brought me to the live music, the Gypsy girl befriended me in early Spring, she told me, I had the saddest eyes in Monterey.

We danced to the good songs and I loved her coffee-brown eyes, her laughter. She told me, I was New York born and I was reborn Big Sur free and my Gypsy soul was found. I left the noise of New York and the sea is my love now.
I loved her long brown hair blowing in the Pacific wind, I loved how her long white cotton dress moved with her body as she danced with the moving waves. She came to me and she whispered. Dark Poet, the only way to forget the regret of yesterday is to create better places. better memories. Please toss-off your shoes and you and I. We can dance for the sea, we can make some wishes to the moon and we can drink the tequila. We can wait for the moon to fall and the sun to say hello.

I kissed my Gypsy girl, tossed-off my shoes. I brought her close and I told her.

                 My Midnight blessing
“Lovely Marcella, My Italian angel, you are my midnight blessing, my only wish for the first star of the night. My Gypsy lady, you make me forget what I became and you make me wish to become what I should be. You are sweet and so kind. Thank you for befriended me dear love.”

She smiled and she whispered, you talk too much dark poet, I don’t believe Hemingway talks so much, let’s live the Hemingway’s life. Just do it, keep seeking the new oceans, drink the good whiskey and sing to the night. Steal temptation, loan kisses and don’t look behind. Allow the demons to be forgotten. Death will come, soon enough.
I kissed her and I told her. You are right my love and tonight. I will become Big Sur free and find my Gypsy heart.

                                      Dancing Coyote