You get, what you deserve…

   You get, what you deserve…

We steal, we borrow, we loan and we want more, we want less. Pretty feet, soft and tender legs I kissed softly and I looked into her eyes. Her beautiful face looked angelic and she whispered. Make me believe I am the only one, make me know the torment, the tranquil of where you and I, can become one.

I kissed her stomach and she caressed my hair and face. I whispered, I want to hear the sweet songs, I want to know what make you feel alive, I want to know what make you wild and untamed. We have played hide and seek for too long, kiss and never tell and we stood nude at the open window often, praying for more and more to the moon and to the sun.

You are my beauty, my storm, my whiskey straight girl and we never showed real face. We are  bare-assed lovers for many years and we never looked at the true self. I know every freckle and every  tattoo on the landscape of your body. We have drank, we have became lost and we befriended each other many times in a lifetime of running and escape.
She smiled and she brought me closer, embracing me tightly in her warmth of her breasts and she sang to me.

“We steal, we borrow, we loan and we want more, we want less. Love be sweet, love be damn, we steal kisses, we borrow the words of love, we loan bliss and we can fall into madness of the taste of love. You and I, we got, what we deserved. We love the liar’s moon. Once you asked me to marry you and I ran away from you. I wanted too much and now I know. I had everything I needed and it was you, dear lover”

I brought her close and I listened to her heart. I told her. We didn’t know my love. Love is minutes, seconds and hours. We didn’t know, you and I, we loved the sea, the sunny days and the drink. We didn’t know love could die and the heart be bury  in a unmark grave. Now we became leftover wine, twisted memories and foolish days. Dear Love, can we listen to the sea, dance by the window, tried to find the places, where we knew, where love could be found?
She lifted me up and we walked toward the open window. We stood nude holding each other tightly. We watched the Atlantic dance upon the shore and the rain was falling upon us. She turned to me and she whispered. Can you catch a free butterfly? Can the free wind be caught? Can we stop the Winter rain? Dear Johnnie, I don’t know.

                                  Dancing Coyote