Painted memories…

Painted memories

My lovely Liz, my beautiful Elizabeth.
I have so many canvases of us.
You and I.
Mirror reflections finding proper place.
I have told the midnight hour.
I  need the honey kiss of a perfect beauty.

You are near and you are so far.
Once you told me.
  –Lover, lover, my lover.
White lies, black lies, demanding lies.
Words  whispered to private places and locked doors.
In the morning. Our true faces must appear.
We must accept love with a mountains of walls to climb over or
we must accept the life we have known.

Pretty pictures are childhood wishes are just utopia for the dreamer.
Real love come rarely and when she appeared.
Must paint a place where lovers can run free and wild.
My lover, my dear love.
Sometime  we must make the wish and dream last all day and all night.
We must lay in deep embrace and stay awake ensuring the kind and sweet moment.

 Are painted memories. We cannot forget.”

I whispered sweet Liz, beautiful Elizabeth.
The first look into your beautiful eyes. I lost control. My control world became a prison.
You left me breathless and I need to lay you down on soft bed.
Hold you like you are my first wish and last wish.
Today my pen and paper send secret messages to you.
Painted words and thoughts for you my dear love.

                          John Castellenas/Coyote