The blue eyed girl (Written in 1992)

The blue eyed girl….

“When you got nothing to lose.
Can’t fall too far my friends.”
I told a group of Poets outside the Monterey book store.

A blue eyed girl with hair of auburn stood her ground.
Told me. “Ain’t over till the Devil open the door to hell for you.”

She took my hand and we wandered to the wine and beer store.
Bought some good Canadian beer and  whiskey.
She was dressed in a long colorful summer dress. Allowing her tan shoulders
to be seen and appreciated.

She looked into my eyes and whispered. “The night is long. The star are bright. Time for two people to rewrite some history.”

I laughed and held her hand tight as we walked to  Monterey Bay.
My mind was thinking.
“I want to be loved by the blue eyed girl.
Who gives me smiles and can make me laugh.”

I listened to her stories. 21 years of life without fear. She spoke of escaping without her sanity many times. She told me. I wanted to test life and see what was real?

The blue eyes girl knew me. I read three times a week in the city of Monterey and Pacific Grove.. I liked drink and laughter. She knew my hunger wasn’t to use her or run to another. I just wanted to wander with the blue eyed girl who danced by the light of the moon. Who could drink the whiskey and sing some song.

The blue eye girl lays in my arms. Told me. “Somebody must see the truth. The waste and the abuse. We must test the rules. Break down the barriers of lies that surround us. Don’t listen to the hypocrites who cried in disappointment when the people found out the truth.”

We drank and danced by the moon light. Ran the the empty beaches. We danced with the demons and the spirits needing our energy. We were not afraid for a moment.

I was told. Jesus would save me. Work till you die. Forget old dreams and focus on real life. I rather find alive spirits without no fear. Better to tell the world to f-off then fall down and beg.

We danced the dance of insanity. My blue eyes girl told me, “Time for some good living. Time for us to free climb every mountain we are near. Time for us to roll with the waves in the ocean. Time to find people not afraid of laughter and fun. Life is short. Better to trick the God’s. Make them think we have no fear. Death will come. Better to run into hell then crawl into heaven.”

The whiskey and beer cans we collected. Me and my blue eyed girl will wander to Big Surf. Daylight was coming. The powerful sun was rising from the east. I kissed and held my blue eyes girl. I made a secret wish for this time never to end. But I knew then.

Blues eyes girls and freedom are rare.