The illusion….

Words for you my love….

                         The Illusion…

Some photos are poetry. Beautiful photos and beautiful artwork. They are poetry for the eyes. I saw you resting alone. Simple photo with great beauty for my eyes. The illusion of your photo. Your wild hair, tangled-up and free. Your warm and kind eyes. Maybe just a illusion. Maybe life suppose to be a inferno journey to adore the kind and the beautiful things, We are not made to have. The perfect and beautiful things should be left alone, left be.


                                 The longing…

The dance of perfect love. Two lucky people knowing the utopia of a perfect place. Maybe just myth and tale? I told a lover once. Distance create longing, longing create intimacy. Today I would tell her, “I was wrong. Regards to you my lost sweet love. My teacher of humility and my lasting sweet dream. You became my faraway angel and a hard lesson. Love is sweet, love is rare and separation will break your heart.” When love is near. Hold on till you cannot no-more.

                         John Castellenas/Coyote