Powerful words and thoughts shared.

Lewis Wamwanda

I’ve been fighting this demon inside me
For ages, I’ve grown weary and tired
Every fight brings us to the finish line
Here we reach, she wins, I lose

Every sunrise brings a new hope
So they say,
Every sunrise brings a new fight
She wins again, I lose again

I would have understand
And agreed to all your sentiments
Of “never give up”
“Tomorrow will bring you victory”

If these advices could come with a solution
A towel for my teary eyes
A healing to my broken soul
Let me be, my demon wins

How will I explain to my father
The demon he made me eat
Has grown to this large bear
Eating me from inside, piece a piece

All you see out here
A smiling face and bright eyes
Look closer

My black skin disguises my scars
My wide smiles hides my sadness
My bright eyes…

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