Wild Heart

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A Simple Ghanaian Girl

Love can occur between the two most unexpected
Love can make the most mediocre heart jump from
the tip of the highest cliff into the deepest ocean,
Forgetting very the existence of fear.
Love will never keep you in just one single moment.
It will rather show you the beautiful colours of every
The beautiful-different times
The beautiful-different places.
If possible, it wish it could show you every single
special place that exist in the world
Where the universe itself plays all beautiful songs in
the background.
Where no one exists.
Just two simple hearts.
Simple but Wild hearts.
Fortunately and unfortunately, you just can’t have
what you need for as long as you need it.
Sometimes you need to draw closer to that special
For as long as it takes…
So that when you’re away or far from it … you’ll

still be okay.
Because by…

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