My Poem, “Haiti – The Forgotten Dying Land,” Now Part Of The Anthology, “Inner Eye”

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Rum and Robots

Photography by Joni Caggiano on one of her many mission trips to Haiti with the Richard Hotes Foundation


My Dear Friends,

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be included along with other fellow writers in the anthology “Inner Eye”!  My poem, “Haiti – The Forgotten Dying Land” will be part of this printed publication, available now for purchase at Poet’s Choice (please scroll down the Home page to see the book). Thank you, Poets Choice Team, for this exciting opportunity!

Haiti – The Forgotten Dying Land

scant trees hold precious life in soil
downpours run without mercy
flushing minerals into low lands
charcoal created from the sparse bush
tiny fingers burn on hot boiling pot
of small green leaves collected
overfished waters leave nets lying empty
silent goat bones weave like shadows
stomachs ache like a black tooth decaying
blank stares of a slave child with a…

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