She Who Is Scarred.

Powerful words shared by a talented writer.

Mima's Thoughts.

Picture from Pinterest.

It hadn’t been easy being her,
It hadn’t at all.
She still got the stares
She heard their gasps
She could already see their fear and slight disgust.

It hadn’t been easy
Loving her body all over again
Accepting the scarring,
The color of her new skin
She had hoped, that the fire had just killed her.

It hadn’t been easy,
The looks of sympathy and pity greeted her everyday.
Her friends trying their best to cheer her up,
Not knowing, their old friend had died in the fire.

It hadn’t been easy being her.
It still isn’t. The thoughts of the future made her sleepless,
Would she find love?
Who would accept her scars?
Who would accept waking up every morning to such a disgusting creature?

It hadn’t been easy,
It still isn’t.

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