The fallen man wanted nothing, the fallen man accepted his sadness. Once upon a life, he wanted everything. Love was near, great dreams were possible. Now the fallen man told his friends. Love is just myth and tale, we shall go-on, accept less, become one more man, who accepted his life, as-is.


Solitary man drank the whiskey slowly on a lonely hill, he was waiting for no-one. He heard, someone called his name, dear Brigitte ran to him and she fell at his feet. She whispered as she embraced him. Johnnie, Johnnie, where have you been? I was told you went crazy and became the running man. Drinking alone and training for a running event. He looked at her sea blue eyes and he told her. Dear Brigitte, I am okay, just keeping busy and so good to see you. She kissed his face many times and she whispered. We can’t be alone, we befriended each other before you danced with a devil. Once, you were the laughing American and I remember, you danced with me and we drank the September new wine. Please come with me and please stay with me till we can find the laughing American again. I looked into her eyes and I saw kindness, concern and a dear friend. I asked her, do you want someone mourning for a dead love? She smiled and she took his hands. She whispered, love should be our sweetest days, we can be thieves, we can be true. Maybe you and I, can find the mercy of love gentle kiss. Maybe I can save you, maybe you can save me?

                        Dancing Coyote