We need more love words and beautiful Tanya Tucker song.

We need more love words…

The old house is quiet now. Once the three bedrooms house was filled with children and laughter. Once I had solid people near, strong people to sit with and talk to.

Now the old man asked Lake St. Clair. Did I tell the kind people I knew. I loved them and they were my anchor. Did I make enough time for them? When we are young. We believe we will live forever and the people we depended on, who befriended us and loved us, they would live forever.

Now I sit on the stones near the Lake St. Clair and I whispered a prayer.
“Hello Grandmother, I miss your sweet voice and I love you so.

Hello dear grandfather, thank you for teaching me to be a good man.

Dear father, did I tell you. You were the greatest man I ever knew?

I am the old man by the lake now and I know. I must slow down my world.

I watched the lake dance and I hope.

I told you my dearest friends, thank you for walking with me.

I told the noon sun, we need more love words.

We must tell the people we cherish. We loved and we appreciated them.

Life is a whirlwind and we must make time for our children, our grandchildren.

Tell them, they are your reasons to be alive.”

The old man walked to the lake, put his bare feet into the water. He told the blue sky. Please take away my anger away and please teach me. Love is the gold in a life. Speak gentle and easy, be the place where your family and friends can know they are safe and loved. A open door always open for them.

Dancing Coyote