She’s crazy…

 She’s crazy…

I was like my father I believed. I liked the whiskey and the gin. And I loved the women too. I believe I was a rolling stone who wanted the long highway and the new places. Home, was the place where I laid my head and closed my eyes.

I landed at Fort Hood, Texas. I left California in Winter of 1993 without any regret. California had the sea and she was too damn peaceful for me. I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas now. Me and highway 35 became good friends. I fell in love with Austin, Texas. 50 taverns and dancehalls on fifth street. I befriended the bartenders with large tips and I loved the long legged Texas girls.

On a New Year eve night In Austin, Texas in 1993. I sat alone drinking the Long Island ice teas and watching the people enjoying the night. Pretty Texas girl with the kindest and bluest eyes asked me. Soldier, you are drinking alone on New Year eve. A handsome soldier shouldn’t drink alone. 1994 is coming soon and no-one should greet the new year alone. I looked at her.  Long auburn hair, black mini-skirt and a dangerous look in her eyes.

I loved her tan skin and her long legs. I yearn to hear her talk. She was Texas, heart and soul. She asked me. Can you Northern boys do the Texas two-step? I told her. I would love to Texas two-step with you. What is your name? My name is Johnnie. She smiled and she told me. My name is Anna and I’m glad I found you. I’m alone and I need a kind voice and a friend.

We danced till 12 pm. At midnight she kissed me long and hard. We went back to the dancehall and we danced till closing times. Austin was crazy. 10,000 people overtook the city. Me and Anna went to the river and she took off her shoes. She sat by the river singing some Willie and some Hank. I looked at the stars and I told them. She’s crazy and I could love her so.

She rose-up and she ran to me. She whispered. Time for some breakfast and later, We will talk till we are not strangers no-more. Johnnie, you are alright with me. You make me feel beautiful and I need to feel this my soldier.
I told her. I have no place to go dear Anna.