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Proud Humbled Man

Though the weight of the world left you unfazed,
Weight held a burden you couldn’t bear.

Though your flesh left you willingly,
I guess your bones were too heavy to carry.

Heaviness upon heart and head
Stuck between the ever-crushing vice of life
Trapped behind the eyes of a body you felt…was never yours.

Both sides of the pendulum you are.
Innocence amid reality;
A sea breeze in winter;
The sun in the Sahara.

All taint of malice and
Purity of tenderness;
A punctured lip in moonlight.
You are the moral in every story.

I fear you never understood the depths of yourself,
Or perhaps you never held the layers poetry paints.

Every shattered piece of my soul sought to save you,
But your ‘love’ only ever bore me doubt.

Your weight may never again grace the earth,
But it will always weigh down on my mind.

Even in my…

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