My Translation of Marina Tsvetaeva’s Cycle “Girlfriend” – Part 6

Amazing words shared. Please enjoy the site of a wonderful young lady.

The Waves of Poetry

Two women embracing in a snowstorm, a painting by Édouard Bisson called "Winter."
Illustration:‘Winter’ by Édouard Bisson (French, 1856-1939)

My Translation:  *** How merrily the snowflakes brightened Your—grey, my—sable fur, How at the Christmas fair excited We looked for ribbons—best of all. How rosy-pink and very savoury I ate too many waffles—six! How every ginger horse delighted me— In honour of Your noble deeds. How vendors traded garments—full like sails— They sold the cheapest shreds and swore, How at the Moscow ladies, young and strange, The country women gaped in awe. How in the evening, when the crowds had left, We entered the cathedral, bored, How on the Virgin Mary's face bereft Your gaze fell like a solemn sword. How gloomy was her countenance and gentle The love in her exhausted eyes, Locked in the icon case with chubby angels From the Elizabethan times. How You let go of my hand tenderly And whispered: "Oh, I want her so!" How you have…

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