Gypsy soul…

Gypsy soul….                                

  Once,  I walked in the clouds, The highest Honduras mountains, I stood upon. I was a free man.
Once,  I danced with the Pacific, the Winter storms taught me. We are the sea.
Once I was alone. Love blessed me and now I have grandchildren to dance with till my ending.
Once I needed nothing, my Gypsy heart needed the long day, friendship near and abundance of laughter near.
I was born free of rules, borders and not bounded by the need to own everything.
I fell into the chaos of life, into the foolishness of war and I listen to the naysayers.
Today my old eyes, my old body know,
I am not done, we must seek the sweetest honey, places where love can grow.
Teach the children the song of the sea, listen to the wind.
To walk into a cloud and be blessed by the sun.
I feel my Gypsy soul and I know,
we are what we leave behind.
I pray my grandchildren remember, their grandfather danced with the sea and he loved them the most.
                              Dancing Coyote