Wrapped Up in You

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

sometimes i sit at this window

and stare at this tree

and think of the life it might have known –

the nurturing of a man’s hands

who planted its seed

and cared for it.

its roots growing

and wrapping

and grasping

much like us –

who grow the same

from nourishment.

i think of the branches

that once held tire swings

and childrens laughter

i think of the couples

who sat beneath its shade

unsure if the heat

was from their passion

or the sun.

perhaps it is why

i am drawn to trees –

they’re mysterious.

ever changing

and letting go

and beginning again.

only to draw sustenance

from the rain and snow

and provide air

and shadows for children

and adults to play under.

all I know

is like this tree –

am i.

roots twisted

firmly grasped

and wrapped up in you.

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