Can you catch a falling leaf??

 Can you catch a falling leaf?…..

The days of October are here and I did the greatest sin. I returned to a place of magic trying to find the scent of yesterday. Time had passed, the young man became older and he wanted to taste a memory. He sat in downtown Ann Arbor and he wrote into his journal.

“Can you catch a falling leaf? Can we return where we knew the folly of first kiss, bearing heart and soul without caring about the consequences? I love you dear Julie, I love you lovely Julie. I remember you, do you remember me?”

He called a woman yesterday. 30 years ago, he left her sleeping alone with tears in her warm bed to fight wars that could not be won. She allowed him to leave, giving him the mercy of a silence goodbye and she knew he would not return the same. She prayed he would not die and not forget her.

He drank the hot coffee and he wondered. Did his face become old, cold and dead? Once he knew laughter, once he wanted to write the great novels and once he wanted play the lover, not the fool. He remembered he returned five years after he left her. She had a child and a man in hand. He left her be and he wandered away to the Ann Arbor tavern. He drank to a wish, he drank to a man who had a glimpse of love. He knew, you can’t catch a falling leave on a windy Autumn Michigan day.
He wrote into the journal.

“War couldn’t kill me, death didn’t need my company. Drink, sin and gin. The soldier’s wealth. Maybe in hell, I can know peace.”

He heard a voice and dear Julie stood near him. She was more beautiful then he remembered. Still having her long brown flowing hair and eyes of coffee brown. She went to him and she embraced him like a child. She whispered Johnnie, Johnnie, are you okay? Why did you wait so long? He told her. I came back in 1996 and I saw you held happiness. I didn’t want to interrupt the good things you had. She caressed his face with tender fingers and she told him. I had a million sleepless nights wishing I knew you did okay. I found you on the Facebook and I traced you to many sites. I loved your work and you remembered me in so many poems. Why did you call me Johnnie? He stood-up and he held her tightly and he whispered. I read you were alone now and I wanted to see your face one more time. She kissed his forehead, his face-cheeks and lips. Her eyes turned sad and she told him. All of us learn the Devil’s backbone. We lie to ourselves, finding the wrong things to love. Once you saved me and I saved you for a minute. Maybe all things must fall into place for us to learn. Once we had everything we needed.

He handed her a poem and she sat with him. She read the words slowly.
“I am in love with you, I am in love with you. You are my lasting wish, my sweetest dream. Dear Julie, I been the dancer, I have been the lover, I played the fool, I was a thief, a liar. I knew hate, I knew love and I know disappointment. I have harmed people and I was kind. I lost God and I had found God. I found war, I never found peace. I don’t bleed no-more. Old regret and dearest memory. You are. You were my sweetest days, my fragrance  of perfect days and a warm memory. I love you dear Julie.”

Tears fell her eyes and she brought him closer. She told him. We are older and wiser dear Johnnie. This time I won’t allow you to run away. Once I gave you the mercy of not screaming, crying and dying. In dandelions wishes, I prayed you found me. We wandered to Port Austin. Drank coffee and talks till we could not. We wandered the Great lakes and I taught you how to laugh again. He watched her beautiful face and she caressed his old face. She whispered, I love your face. Each line, a story for you to tell me. Will you stay with me and tell me a million stories Johnnie?

He kissed her warm lips and he told her. I will leave when you don’t need me. I have no place to go and I need you dear Julie. if you allow me the stay. I promise to stay and you will be my muse, my kindest friend. She took his right hand and she kissed his hand softly. She whispered, you are home now. I will help you become the laughing man again. We will find Port Austin, find a cottage and lock the doors. We will escape only to watch the sun fall and rise into Lake Huron. A tear fell from his eyes and she kissed the tear away and two people. Sat together on a bench, holding hands and dear Julie reached for a falling leaf and she caught the leave. He smiled and he told her. Julie, you caught a falling leaf on a Autumn day, you can make a wish. She fell into his arms with soft tears falling. My wish came true, you are home with me, safe and sound.

Dancing Coyote