You and I….

You and I….

You and I,

I want us to be  in the city of lights.

I want us to drink coffee in the early morning and

we would roam the city till noon.

We would drink the Paris wine at lunch and discuss the poetry and the art.

We would find the ancient city secret places and buy some sweets 

till the late afternoon.

We would drink Hemingway’s whiskey at dusk and 

I would give you long and sweet kisses,

holding you close and I would tell you.

You are my everything, you are my kindest and safest place.

We would dance in the center of Paris.

I would be your Hemingway and you would be my Agnes.

I would reverse the Hemingway curse and 

I would never release you.

Please my dearest love,

come with me to he city of lights.

Let’s fall in love again and again.