Three Unearthed

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read her work.

Halcyon-Mairéad's Platform and Creations

August Evening

I disclosed a l l of it to you

As if it wasn’t eight years ago

The tears

The blame

The secrets I was forced to keep

The uneaten food wrapped up in her spit napkins

Eight years ago

I believed I deserved the guilt

You were calm. You were careful. Studying my words, my hastily made breaths.

Tears dripped voice cracked

Calm steady listener you understood

Everything s p i l l e d out onto the couch where we have grown

And I believe for the first time the guilt was gone

Somewhere In Between Tape 7 and 8

Her words stabbed me as if seeking revenge after years of imprisonment

The retching crawled through the bathroom walls and forced itself through my ears seeping in

Childhood wrote me its farewell letter wishing me luck as it caught a one way train to better memories


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