River’s Song

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Rum and Robots

I hide within her rolling peaks and float with ferns that line the river
Playing the snapping turtle’s shell pulsating sounds echo in rhythm
Scarlet Tanagers singing along with warblers from their thin branches
Water moccasins slither like ribbons in the wind close to her long lip
Young Blue-fronted Dancers perform a colorful salsa within her mist
Fearlessly I swim naked in her cool but thickly sheltered mossy bottom
Schools of minnows tickle my back as I float, eyes closed and listen
Tales of crickets and wise archaic catfish seep through the dark water
Sharing yarns with the oaks and sugar maples thick on limestone slopes
Melting with the color of the sunset my body turns into her extended arms
Rolling with her cadence millions of cicadas begin their striking chorus
Lightning bugs come out to dance with fairies that fill the trees at dusk
Climbing under a large oak…

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