The Letting Go (a five-part poem)

Please enjoy the words of the talented writer.

Allison Grayhurst

The Letting Go






            Blast your devil’s heart,

make it into paper confetti,

take it into outer space

and leave it there.

            You stood on my shoes as I was

wearing them, dug your heels in

and spat in my eyes.

            Cruel corpse rising from a muddy grave,

you are weak and monstrous, always claiming

to be the victim of someone else’s scheme.

You are madness, the sharp ridged knife

of madness flaying in chaotic whiplash

at the sky, the birds, and all manner of trees.

            Take back your darkness, swallow it whole,

let it stew in your innards, ruminate, reuniting

with the depravity already there.

            You will never lie to me again,

pretending you wanted love when all you wanted

was to spread your malignancy, vengeance

for an imagined wrong, to give a landing slap

with the full force of…

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