I am in the Fall of a life. Death whispered in my ears now. Old heart and my tire soul seem to need and want less. Maybe I have given-in, given-up. Once I had everything. Had long Summer days, I had the sea and I tempted love.

I read Salinger and Hemingway now.  I am seeking Salinger silence and learning Hemingway thoughts. Salinger saw death and war, he sought private place. He couldn’t hide from the violence and blood. He taught me. Write for yourself. Hemingway taught me. Great words are rarely appreciated. Live hard and don’t complain.

Yesterday when I was young and  fearless. I consumed life and today. The old man sits at Lake St. Clair. Observe life and hold on to his last breathe for his grandchildren.

I wonder if I did more, if I did less? Maybe.

I would know more kindness and less anger. I feel the pain of anger in my bones, old places and distance war had tattoos my mind and heart.

Beautiful faces, wonderful places and children dance in sweet dreams. Death whispered in my ear. I told Death. Not today. I will meet Hemingway in the Purgatory Inn later.  We will drink American whiskey and talk of love.