A new book started- The crying woman.

The crying woman

A Book by Coyote Poetry
"My dream writing. This tale came to me in my dreams. Not a kind story. We shall learn, no free money or free gifts. Everything demand payment. The first chapter.”

The crying woman…

I was a soldier for almost 15 years. I saw everything a man could see. My feet touched four continents and I drank in forty countries and danced the fool, in most. This isn’t my story. The Devil dance, I knew and I did. This is a story about a woman, this is her story.  I met her six times in Reno, Nevada. I called her the crying woman. On my first trip from Michigan to Monterey, I stopped in Reno and I found food and the Best Western hotel. I remember the first time I met the woman. The darkest eyes, the saddest face and she was crying quietly into a Bloody Mary. I sat next to her and I asked her. Are you alright honey.

She turned to me  and she had perfect dark brown hair flowing freely to her deep shoulders and she wore a black dress. Her skin was pale and her voice unsteady. She answered me. I am okay kind soldier and she reached over and she touched my high and tight haircut. She asked me. What are you doing in the Devil’s den? What are you doing in Reno. I told her. I am on my way to Monterey, California. I left the war and I got lucky. I have the sea and California now to see. She laughed at my words and she whispered. I wish I could touch the California soil again. I left Sacramento three years ago. Reno had my soul now.

I asked her. why can’t you go to Sacramento now. Just over the mountain. She smiled and she told me. If you are lucky, I will tell you the saddest story ever. Once I was too brave, too foolish and I thought life would be okay. Soldier, in the Devil’s den. Please don’t listen to the quiet whispers in Reno and if you hear a crying woman, leave her be. If you find her. She would give you everything and she will take everything from her. My name is Cheryl and what is your name? I told her Johnnie from Michigan. We drank till midnight and she followed me to my room. She stripped down to bra and panties. I laid with her fully dressed and she fell asleep. I held her closely and I caressed her face. I fell asleep and when I awoke. She was gone and she left me with 40 pages written on the table near the door. I begin to read the words.

Page one…

I came to Reno in 1991. I needed to rest. I left my daughter and family in Sacramento to find a new job in Ohio. I saw the bright lights of the Best western and I got a room. I had bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker and I was so damn sad. I drank the whiskey and I watched the late night television. I was almost asleep and I hear someone crying. I went to my hotel door and I opened the door. I followed the voice and I saw. A young woman, maybe 25 years old. She was crying alone and I went to her. I asked her. Are you okay? She looked up and she told me. Please honey, don’t listen to the Devil’s promises. He will promise you everything and make you believe. He is the savior of your life. In the Devil’s den, Reno. You can find hell fire and sin only. Please don’t leave your room till the morning sunrise. The woman stood up, her red dress and tearful black eyes slowly walked away from me. I yelled to her. Where are you going? I received a silence answer.

I went back to my room and I was hungry. I found snacks and booze in the small fridge. I took four cheese and crackers packages out. I slowly ate them and I thought of the sad face and the feeling of misery in the crying woman. I wonder why she told me to stay away from the Devil? I didn’t believe in God or the Devil. I knew life was hard and my life is getting harder. I left my baby girl with her grandmother to seek a good paying job in Ohio. Maybe I made the wrong decision? I couldn’t sleep and I decided to wander the city of Reno. It was low seventies and the stars were so many in the sky tonight. I pray to the moon. Please allow me to do one thing right in my life. I found a coffee house open, the Lestat’s cafe. I went in and I ordered a black coffee and I sat alone in the corner. The coffee house was empty and I watched the night people walking the city. I wondered where they were going? I almost fell asleep and I felt eyes upon me. I looked-up and I saw a man with the bluest eyes and tall. He asked me. Why a beautiful woman sitting alone in Reno? That is a sin in this city. No-one is alone in the Devil’s den. I laughed at his words and he smiled and he told me. Be careful for what you wish for. No gifts given, no wish received don’t demand payment. Promises made are promises made to be broken. I laughed at his words and he asked me. What are you seeking dear Cheryl? I smell the odor of disappointment and confusion. Maybe I can help?