The storm… Written in 1988.

The storm

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Love can break you down and leave you empty and alone."    

                                The storm…

Love can be like a gentle rain and
 love can be like a thunderstorm to the heart.

A fall day in 1984. A auburn hair beauty came to my door with six wine coolers
and a smile. Requested to join me in my apartment.
She told me she broke-up with her boyfriend and needed company.

I invited her in and she removed her coat.
Showing me long  tan legs and a perfect young body.
Her short skirt left me dreaming of thing I shouldn’t have.

Sweet Jennifer had great dreams. She was going to be a designer of clothing.
She loved to dance and laugh. She was barely 19 years old.

I was not old in age. Just old in spirit. I was just tire and accepted my life.
Work and more work.

Jennifer came to me. She sat between my legs.
 Looked into my eyes and she told me. “You are very kind to me.
You taught me to be a manager with patience and kindness.
I see how you look at me. I don’t mind. I want you to desire me. “

Love is like a hurricane.
Make us wish for things we should not touch.
Some woman are held forever. Some woman want to dance for  awhile.
Steal your kiss and touch. Leave you wishing for more.

I whispered. “My beautiful Jennifer. I’m cold and heartless. You need someone
young and hopeful. Not a tire man.”

She kissed my hands and looked into my eyes and whispered. “Dear Johnnie, It will
be alright. I don’t want you to own me. I want a man touch. I want to drown in passion
and owe no regret. I’m tire of love. I need to feel everything. I want to know pleasure,
pain and wild ecstasy. “

The desire of sex and love can be twisted. I knew the payment when you dance on the hot
coals of love with no payment. Jennifer came into my life like a hurricane from hell.
Wanting everything and needing nothing.

I told her she could stay. She rewarded me with a sweet kiss and drank down her
wine cooler. She gave me a smile and requested me to follow her to my bedroom. I followed
her knowing.

There is no return back. I watched her undress. Her wanting eyes braking down my defense
and  making me forget.

All things have payment. When you fall into bed with the devil. The devil always win.
The gift of flesh need high payment. I knew the payment before the first dance.

Sweet Jennifer laid upon the bed. Her nude  body was tanned from tender  feet to beautiful face.
Her blue eyes looking into my eyes. She told me. “It will be okay my Johnnie. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

I stripped away my cloths. Joined my beautiful Jennifer on the soft bed.
I told her. “When you are fulfilling the flesh. The heart will lose.”
She smiled and brought me closer.

Life is fair. No fairytale endings when you open the door without true love.
Me and Jenny tried three times to create a permanent relationship
in a five year period for some sort of love.

I knew already. Two kinds of woman. One kind of woman you hold and love forever.
The other kind of  woman can’t be held down. A wise man is prepared for the sad ending.

Many hurricanes for a man who loved the road. Sweet Jenny broke my heart three times.
I would do it again. Better to had loved and danced than wished you did.

                          Written in 1988/rewrote in 2014