The color of love..

The color of love…

Dear lover. You made me come alive.
The fire in you eyes make me wish to swim in your brown eyes and
drown in the the gentleness of your voice.

Your sweet kiss made me find new places to feel and know.
The color of my world turn to multi-colors when we embrace and
we find safety in the warmth of the midnight hours.

You are my brightness and my darkness.
Your slender shoulders moving with the late night song and
your hips wavering slowly to sweet music made my mind and eyes.
See perfection  in light and in darkness.

The shadows dancing of us on the walls making the color of love come alive with scented candles
and our secret love dance. For us to know alone.

Love is shared and worship when the color of love overtake the fear to escape.
True lovers hold on tight, making the night turn to day and
swim forever in the memory. Love was touched by two honest hearts.

                            Coyote/John Castellenas