The fortunate one’s…

The fortunate one’s

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A Summer poem."

The fortunate one’s….

Lovely be, a day can be. When the sun kiss  your face and the lake is near.
The long Summer days, blessings for us who love the free wildflowers and the deep forest.
The fortunate one’s, we are.

Who love reading books by the Lake St. Clair, the children laughter and free days.
I try to be like my grandparent. Take the grandchildren to the cider mill, field trips and long days at the lakes on the hot days.

My grandchildren favorite days. Mystery road trips, visiting the Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Roam the small towns in the thumb and finding shiny rocks for our rock garden.

I am a better grandfather than father. I learned too late. The children grow so quickly, like weeds in a yard.
I hope I taught my children, my grandchildren to love the water, be kind to the free animals. To roam the free forest and be kind to nature.

Be the fortunate one’s.

Dancing Coyote