Flying Bells and Red Eggs

Happy Easter and please read the outstanding words and thoughts about Easter.

Bonjour From Brittany

As the oldest and most important Christian festival, it should come as no surprise to note that several popular traditions and superstitions once surrounded Eastertide here in Brittany.

In many households, people would not dare to slaughter any animal on Good Friday or to sow any kind of grain. Nor was it regarded as an appropriate day to do the laundry for it was believed that a person who slept in a bed whose sheets had been washed on that day would be in danger of dying there within the year. Easter was also thought an inauspicious time to get engaged to be married but to be assured of marriage within the year, young women once climbed to the summit of the large boulder in the churchyard of Saint Eustache’s chapel in Saint-Étienne-en-Coglès on Good Friday.

However, certain practices were encouraged for Good Friday. For instance, it was considered a…

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