Mystery and wonder…

Mystery and wonder

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words."       

                      Mystery and wonder…

It was a Germany warm Summer, the days were long and easy. You and I had no-place to you. You were my German girl with eyes of hazel who loved to dance and to sing.

You made me brave and fearless. We searched for grand adventures every weekend. We travel from Hamburg, Germany to Basel Switzerland.  I was your Hemingway and you were my Agnes.

We loved the mountains and the open valleys. You taught me how to free climb and I taught you how to count stars. I remember Florence, Italy. You wore your white Summer dress and you walked barefoot in the hidden valleys of the ancient city. We shared the ambrosia wine and walked, talked, explored the secret and hidden beautiful places of Florence.

I remember we found a private place and you began to dance. You slowly took off dress, panties and bra. Laid them neatly on the ground. You began to dance in the wildflower field and you became part of the moving flowers. You create perfect landscape for my eyes to see.

You laid nude upon your falling clothing for my blessed eyes to see and worship. I whispered to you. You are the most beautiful wildflower in the valley.

You smiled and you asked me. Am I still pretty dear poet? I told her. I love you more than my life. She kissed me and she whispered. I love you more.