In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes ~ Artists ~ Writers~ NAPOWRIMO 2021~ Day Four :

Amazing poetry shared.


In Response to Jane Cromwell’s Art Work

Is it the river of life?
No, it cannot be, it is too dark.
Is it the underworld with Lethe
flowing on, falling into a tasteless pool,
on the sides no spark,
What disturbs the ravens so,
of what prophecy doesTeresias speak?
The ravens plea for Odyseuss, Aeolus
sets the storms above, while daylight shines
and all grows darker below.

Underworld will be dark, no hope resides,
what the priest declares is horror,besides
the plague the corona virus spreads,kills,
life dances ballets, waltzes, falls, on sides
breathless,helpless, wave on wave of grief,
who is the maiden rising alone for sacrifice?
Will one suffice or twelve to a humdred red
camels, will still not be enough?

O Black beauteous birds ! Fly then with the
message to the human world. “Caw, caw out
loud for peace, forgiveness,equality, justice,
Make such a noise that ears…

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